Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Universal Language

There have been several claims to the origin of religion itself, and people are always looking for new theories. Christianity reaches back thousands of years, Buddhism and various other dominant religions reach back even further than that, and some indiginous religion-based cultures began even before those. But why did religion even take form? Why was the concept ever imagined? I say concept not to be blasphemous, but to show my curiosity. IF there wasn't a clear religious creation of the planet, and the theory of evolution is true, why did we as humans create the phenomenon of religion? That is the question that a number of intellectuals have tried to answer, and it is the question that inspired this blog.

The hermeneutics of suspicion dishes out many reasons why religion was created. Sigmund Freud described it as a need for a "father-figure" because it is human nature. He presented any and all religious ideas as illusions by the mind based on a need for the "fullfillments of the...most urgent wishes of mankind".

Karl Marx put it as frankly as humanly possible. Critisism of religion circles around the concept that "Man makes religion, religion does not make man". Marx uses the analogy that religion is like the symptoms of a powerful drug; it shows a meaning in the world where meaning is lacking, but it is not real.

I came across a new theory just recently while discussing indiginous religions. The idea is that the worship of spirits in the earth is merely the mask covering their religion's true importance. It is instead, "a way of communicating with people of all faiths to take care of nature and treat [Earth] like we would our family...."

Might this be true of every religion? If the worship of "earth spirits" is actually the passive teaching of environmentalism, then might Christianity be simply a subtle communication between peoples about treating others how you want to be treated? Everyone knows that each religion has their own lessons and teachings, but these have always been thought of as only part of the religion. The lessons have never been considered as the reason behind the entire way of faith.

Maybe sometime hundreds of thousands of years ago some one was trying to get a message across and no one would listen, so instead of fighting them so they would or give up, they simply invented religion. They thought up some higher being, told everyone that it was the higher force that told the person what they were telling the others, then as evidence showed how successful the message was.

I'm not trying to poke fun and anyone or any religion, and this idea could be completely of base. But is it possible? You can't say no.